Michael Prestia, Attorney, has experience handling all legal aspects of the construction industry in Mississippi.  Where disputes arise, Michael Prestia, attorney, has extensive experience representing owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in construction disputes in Mississippi Courts,  before the Mississippi Board of Contractors, the filing of Mississippi Construction Lien and Miller Act Claims. The firm regularly schedules settlement conferences at the attorney’s office to resolve the disputed claim between the parties for early resolution and to the satisfaction of all parties. lawsuits and Hearings before the Mississippi Board of Contractors. Our team often includes the association of Architects and Construction Experts, who have assisted in narrowing the issues between the opposing parties in resolving commercial and residential construction disputes.

                                                               "PUNCH LIST LITIGATION" FOR CONSTRUCTION DISPUTES

For Construction disputes Our Law Firm  has created  “Punch List Litigation” prior to filing construction liens and suit in the courts which allows the parties to address the issues in dispute in private and settle the dispute prior to mediation and court proceedings .Unique approach to resolving issues.

The firm is experienced in mediation, arbitration and litigation of construction law matters involving a variety of construction claims including: Miller Act Claims, State of Mississippi Public Works (Little) Miller Act Claims, Payment disputes,scope of work disputes,change orders,preparation of construction contracts,negotiation of construction contracts,Bid Protests,Bid document  review, defective work,Performance bond claims,Default Termination,Warranty claims,Lost efficiency and productivity claims,collection of outstanding amounts due to contractors in Mississippi state and federal Courts, Entity formation for Contractors, professional licensure before Mississippi Board of Contractors, bond claims, project procurement, Mississippi Construction Lien Law, project planning, zoning and permitting, drafting and negotiating construction and design agreements, notice requirements for,drafting and negotiating subcontractor and sub-consultant agreements, project insurance and bonding, risk management, Mechanic’s lien under sec. 85-7-401(b) of the Mississippi Code,subcontractor liens, time and procedures for asserting bond claims, construction defects, stop payment notices, design defects, breach of construction contracts,delays and delay claims, collection of outstanding invoices, bond suits, Licensing Board inquiries, investigations and complaints before Mississippi Board of Contractors, immigration law issues for contractors including I-9’s and Temporary Work Visas, Bankruptcies, insurance coverage actions, pay when paid clauses, the preparation, negotiation, and administration of design, construction, and development contracts and other related documents, development of contract documents defining the contractual relationships between owners and their architects, engineers, and contractors, agreements between architects and engineers, between general contractors and subcontractors, and between construction manager/agents and trade contractors,  consulting agreements, bid documents, purchase orders, Design liability,joint venture development agreements, utility agreements, owner's representative agreements, multiple prime contracts, phased construction agreements, maintenance and service agreements, space planning agreements, tenant leasehold improvement agreements, completion and takeover contracts, bonds, guarantees, service claims by design professionals, change order disputes, back-charge claims, insurance recoveries, delay and disruption claims by contractors and subcontractors, the "close-out" of projects (including the termination of the services of defaulting design professionals, contractors, and subcontractors, and the engagement of entities to substitute for the foregoing), the prosecution and defense of construction and design-related claims brought by or against owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and sureties, defective construction, defective design and specifications, differing site conditions, and delay and disruption claims, federal False Claims Act, state false claims statutes, unfair competition laws, bid protests and other disputes involving competitive bidding requirements, contractor licensing, .