Admiralty Maritime Law Shipping and Customs Laws

           Michael G. Prestia Attorney provides advice and assistance in all types of Maritime matters including  :


  • Ship arrest and Vessel Foreclosure
  • Claims for loss or damage to cargo
  • Mortgages and Maritime Liens
  • Freight and off hire disputes
  • Shipbuilding and Repair Contracts disputes
  • purchase/sale of a  Vessel
  • General Average
  • Salvage Claims
  • Collisions
  • financing,security and enforcement of Mortgages
  • Transshipment and Towage agreements
  •  Seaman's personal injury claims
  • advising on the acquisition of new tonnage
  • problems related to employment of Officers and Crew
  • Surface and air transportation
  • Bonded Warehouses approval  and warehouse keepers liability
  • U.S. Federal Trade Zone issues Maritime personal injury and cruise ship passenger injuries
  • OPA and Deepwater Horizon Claims
  • Importing under the US Customs Laws, Claiming Drawback, american goods returned, Antidumping,Gray market goods,protests,trademark and copyright registration,recordation  and protection  filed at  customs service  office
  • advise on customs procedures under north american free trade agreement  ( NAFTA)
  • Commercial Fishermens Claims
  • Choice of Flag and registration
  • Marine, inland marine, hull, property and casualty insurance (including third-party liability defense, first-party coverage, bad faith and recoveries)
  • Licensing and regulatory issues before the U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Maritime Commission; U.S. Customs Service; Surface Transportation Board;  Federal Trade Zone Law,Mississippi Public Utilities Commission and other federal, state and local public agencies
  • Air, land and water pollution and environmental matters
  • Negotiating the purchase, sale, chartering, crewing and operation of vessels, yachts and pleasure boats
  • Maritime labor disputes, including disputes involving port and airport authorities
  • advice in respect of H&M and P&I policies and Claims
  • Commercial real estate (including negotiating and drafting commercial leases and subleases, assignments and buy/sell agreements)
  • Aircraft registration and Finance
  •  Marine insurance claims.
  • Importing under the U.S. Customs Law,Classification of Goods and valuation issues,Right to make entry,importer of record,interim filing rule,counterfeit goods or trademarks, advise on Duty Exemptions
  • CF-28, Form,CF-29,from customs and notice of action,CF-4647 notice to mark or redeliver
  • C-TPAT processing under The Customs-Trade Partnership against Terroism  Law

 Michael G. Prestia attorney  represents, among other clients; vessel owners and charterers; NVOCCs; ocean, surface and air freight forwarders; truckers and other overland carriers; cargo brokers; stevedores; harbor pilots; shipyards;  Commercial Fishermen,marine construction companies; importers, exporters and shippers; customs brokers; seamen and passengers; warehouse keepers and other ocean/inland transportation and warehousing interests in the full range of transportation matters.


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